Top Colour Trends in Interior Design for 2024

Top Colour Trends in Interior Design for 2024

This year has been a whirlwind of fun colours and bold hues—and we’ve been here for it! But with the new year approaching, it is about time we embrace the new hues for 2024. And with the Colour of the Year season being upon us, there’s no better time to explore the emerging colours and find ways to add them to our homes.

Colour experts are predicting that this year, people will be much more daring with their choices—from playful pinks to bright reds and rich browns, it is expected to be a whirlwind of adventure! Read on to learn about the top colour trends in interior design for 2024 (and keep an eye out for the colors of the upcoming year announced by various brands).

Dark Greens

Credit: Graham Brown


Green has been famous in interior design for years—and it’s not going anywhere in 2024. We can expect to see darker shades of the colour in interiors across the world, for example, forest and olive green. The nature-inspired feeling of these shades gives them a calming effect, and people especially love the sense of comfort they bring to their interiors. 

Colour of the Year 2024 announced by Dutch Boy: Ironside, a sophisticated and comforting green

Along with deep greens, earthy and muted tones are expected to make a splash in the coming year. This is because they add a sense of stability and groundness to interior design—all while creating a soothing atmosphere.

Colour of the Year 2024 announced by Graham & Brown: Viridis, a midtone green



Whether it’s a light dusty blue or a deep navy shade, this colour is going to be one of the best in 2024. Very simply, blue will never lose its popularity because of its innate connection with Mother Nature. It is equal parts sophisticated and earthy, adding elegance to any space.

Light shades of blue can make a room feel spacious and airy. You can use them to create a tranquil kitchen or spa-like bathroom—and even a fun kids’ room. Light blue is also a great colour to mix and match all across the home.

Colour of the Year 2024 announced by Valspar: Renew Blue, a light blue with touches of grayed sea green

If you’re someone who looks to the sky when thinking of blue, 2024 is going to be your year! Mixtures of violet and blue—similar to the bright blue sky you adore—are one of the top colour trends in interior design for 2024.

Colour of the Year 2024 announced by Benjamin Moore: Blue Nova, an intriguing blend of blue and violet

Other brands that chose similar shades for the colour of the year 2024 are Minwax, C2, and Dunn-Edwards—blue really is one of the top picks for the coming year.


Credit: Rust-Oleum


A warm and earthy tone set to do big in 2024 is brown. This colour adds coziness to any interior—and keeps the palette somewhat neutral—while adding to the visual interest. Mushroom brown, taupe, mocha… the possibilities are endless! Plus, if you opt for dark browns, you can add drama to your space (without using black).

Colour of the Year 2024 announced by Rust Oleum: Chocolate Cherry, a warm brown colour with red undertones

For some, Chocolate Cherry may be too bold for their liking. If that’s the case, step down various tones and shift to soft buttercream hues that are versatile and work for every room. These are especially suitable to use as a paint colour across the home.

Colour of the Year 2024 announced by Glidden: Limitless, a soft, buttery hue reminiscent of the sandy beach

Yellows and Oranges

Credit: Designer Amic


Yellows and oranges, when blended together, can create a head-turning statement in your home. Their luminous beauty can invite and captivate—especially when showcased in textiles and accent pieces. Our favourite would be using these colours for solid and fun-printed cushions.

Colour of the Year 2024 announced by Veranda: Electric Amber, a powerful, orangey-brown hue

With warmth becoming the new ‘wellness’, these blazing yet mystical colours are securing their spot on the top colour trends in interior design for 2024. Plus, as people are looking towards their homes for comfort and ease, the warm tones of soft yellows and oranges give them the safe haven they crave in cool-hued interiors.

Colour of the Year 2024 announced by WGSN: Apricot Crush, an activating vitamin tone

Moody Tones

Credit: Behr


Dark, moody colours—especially jewel tones—rightfully continue to enjoy their position among the top colour trends in interior design, even in 2024. They lend an elegant yet dramatic touch to any space while keeping the atmosphere sophisticated.

Colour of the Year 2024 announced by Behr: Cracked Pepper, a soft yet moody black 

While we love a black accent wall (or ceiling), not everyone may be ready to immediately commit to such a dark colour. If you’re hesitating, consider adding moody tones through accents, such as arts and crafts, or by painting an old piece of furniture. When you live with the colour in your space for a while, you will be more sure of your decision to commit to it.

Some jewel tones famous in interior design are sapphire, emerald, and ruby—each one of them has its own unique presence and can instantly add drama to your space.

Pinks and Reds

Credit: Little Greene


Barbie’s reign over culture will continue in 2024 as we see vivacious shades of pink becoming dominant in interior design. And, despite not being talked about since the 90s, red and terracotta shades are also making their way into colour trends. These warm and energizing hues are great to add personality—and also contribute to the ‘dopamine decor’ trend becoming all the rage in 2024.

We particularly love the surge of light and dusty shades of pink, perfect for adding tranquility to any room of your home. These are great shades to use for the entire paint palette of a space without overwhelming it—a task earlier achieved with neutrals.

Colour of the Year 2024  announced by Little Greene: Masquerade, a powder-like, earthy pink

Pinky peaches are also having their moment in 2024. Choosing light versions of the colour add a romantic feel to your space—reminding you to slow down and enjoy the moment.

Colour of the Year 2024 announced by Pantone: Peach Fuzz, a compassionate soft peach shade

When adding reds, consider choosing textiles to serve the purpose. For example, bedding sets and throws.

Final Words

A sense of comfort and belonging drives design decisions—especially those involving the top colour trends in interior design for 2024. The colours for 2024, as announced by different brands, can make for great picks while decorating your home in the upcoming year. But if they don’t exactly resonate with your personality, you can use them simply for design inspiration, too! Come up with your own personal favourites and curate a palette of your own, so your interior speaks to who you are 🤍

P.S— If you love whites, fret not! Neutrals may be taking a step back in 2024, but whites with warm undertones, such as vanilla and cream, are still being wholeheartedly welcomed.

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