How can I tell which fabrics are suitable for which make-up purpose? 

The 'Product Details' page for every fabric contains information about the fabrics' suitability. This states the use, such as upholstery or curtains. 

What about fading and shrinkage? 

It is typical for washable fabrics to shrink to some extent; the amount varies depending on the fabric type and the environment it is used in. Unless otherwise specified, we advise dry cleaning fabrics. In most materials, fading will happen gradually over time.

Can you supply fabrics not on your website? 

If you require specific fabric for your project, we are able to offer fabric that we do not advertise on our website. Simply fill in the form on our contact page for further information. 

How to I know if a fabric is fire retardant? 

When browsing our fabrics we advise if the fabric is FR (fire retardant) on the product page. You can choose non-FR or FR as an option.

Any fabrics that aren't FR'd we can have treated to the relevant standard at an additional cost.

If unsure please contact customer service.

What if I need me fabric to be fire retardant? 

Some of our textiles have already been treated, and the product description will note this.

For an additional cost, other fabrics may be treated to meet domestic or contract requirements. To learn more, please get in touch with us.

Always with your upholsterer first, as they may advise you on whether your fabric has to be treated or if a barrier cloth will enough.

How can I get the VAT deducted if delivery goes to a place where there is no VAT? 

This will automatically happen at checkout when you select a delivery destination (country) that is VAT exempt. It will show VAT at £0 at the order confirmation stage.

What is the most durable fabric? 

A fabric is said to be durable if it can withstand repeated use. Durable synthetic fabrics include nylon, polyester, and polyethylene. The two strongest natural materials are linen and silk. 

The fabric to chose, meanwhile, depends on its intended usage. Each fabric has unique properties and can be used for various applications. For instance, you probably won't want to use silk for outdoor furniture, and sofa fabric would need to be specifically, upholstery fabric.

In most cases, a fabric's endurance is determined by its weave (for natural fabrics) or chemical composition (for synthetic fabrics). Our assortment of marine fabrics is especially designed with sturdiness, water resistance, stain resistance, and fade resistance in mind.