Top 7 Benefits of Made to Measure Curtains

Top 7 Benefits of Made to Measure Curtains

Struggling with choosing the right curtains for your home? Maybe those ready-made curtains are a tad bit short. Or perhaps the colour doesn’t complement the rest of your decor.

And because curtains are such an integral part of your home, you can’t sacrifice on them. Curtains contribute to the aesthetics by adding colour and texture to the space. They also serve functional purposes by providing privacy and controlling the amount of light that enters the room.

If you’re stuck with the decision and can’t find the right piece, made to measure curtains will be your saviour. These add a touch of luxury and are tailored to suit your specific needs—so you can find just the right curtains for your room.

Keep reading for a comprehensive guide to made to measure curtains, including their top 7 benefits!



What are Made to Measure Curtains?

Unlike their off-the-shelf counterparts, made to measure curtains are custom-made to your exact specifications. This means you provide the dimensions of your windows. A skilled craftsperson then creates curtains that fit perfectly. This is also why they’re called ‘custom-made curtains’.

As you order, you can choose from a wide variety of fabrics and colours as well as styles to create curtains that are truly unique to your home.


Benefits of Made to Measure Curtains

Having made to measure curtains has plenty of benefits over their off-the-shelf counterparts. Below, we share the most notable of these.

Perfect Fit

This one’s straightforward, but it’s definitely the top benefit of made to measure curtains. Basically, you get to decide the length of the curtain. This means it will drape beautifully around your windows and with great accuracy. And, so, you can prevent it from being within reach of children and pets and being damaged. You can also ensure it’s not too short to sacrifice on privacy or light control.

Plus, having curtains that fit properly enhances the look of your room. Misfit curtains can really ruin the overall aesthetic, and the best solution is custom-made curtains.

Personalised Design

Made to measure curtains aren’t just about picking colours and fabrics of your choice. You have a say in every detail of the design. For example, you can pick curtain headers you like—eyelet, tab top, pencil pleat or triple pleat… the options are endless! Each header adds a different type of look and feel to your room. You can also play around with the customisation. Think tie-backs, pom-pom finishes, etc.

Whether your home has a modern flair or a more classic design, your custom drapes can be customised to perfectly complement it.

A Lasting Solution

Ready-made curtains only give you limited options. This is in terms of style and colors as well as design. How many times have you found yourself saying yes to a pair of curtains just because they seem enough—and say to yourself that you’ll change them sooner or later? 

When you opt for made to measure curtains, you choose pieces that perfectly match your preferences. This means you’re investing in a long-term solution that will last you for plenty of years. This is especially true considering we source the highest quality materials for our curtain fabrics.



Higher Value for Money

Are you guilty of dismissing custom-made curtains as an expense that you think you don’t need? These guys may be an initial investment, but they actually provide you more value for money. Because they’re handcrafted by professionals, they are designed to last. And such high durability means they need less frequent replacements.

Also, remember that better fit curtains can reduce heat loss and better control light levels. This means you can save on utility bills, too.

Better Craftsmanship

Skilled seamstresses put together your made to measure curtains. They pay attention to individual details and make sure your curtains are made just as you envision. This is in contrast to ready-made curtains that are mass-produced, without much attention to detail. These are, of course, less durable and less competitive in terms of quality, too.

Suitable for All Windows

Do you have oddly shaped windows or bay windows? Finding ready-made curtains that suit these windows can be a challenge. And that’s where made to measure curtains walk in. They can be customised to fit any window size or shape. This ensures a perfect look for every window in your home!

Improved Functionality

Sometimes, the curtains that match the interior design of your home don’t meet your functional needs. And to keep the aesthetics on point, you sacrifice on functionality. That’s not the case with made to measure curtains. You can choose the color and style you like, and still go big on functionality. You can choose blackout linings for bedrooms, light filtering fabrics for living rooms—or even thermal linings for added insulation.



How Does the Process Work?

You can order your very own made to measure curtains with Pure Fabrics as follows—

Select the fabric you want for your curtains. You can choose from our range of carefully curated collection of the highest quality fabrics (chenille fabric is a famous favourite!).

Email us with your preference and window dimensions at You will also share your choice of curtain heading, lining, and any other extras you may need.

Receive your quote. We will promptly reply to you with a custom quote for your bespoke curtains.

You can then proceed to place your order—and our skilled craftsmen will get to work. 

The end result? Your vision for curtains translate tor reality!




What should I keep in mind when ordering made to measure curtains?

Remember that accuracy is key! Be sure to double-check your measurements for width (curtain track/pole) and length (desired drape) before placing your order. And when measuring the width, factor in the stacking depth—how much space the curtains will take up when open. You want to aim for a pole that extends at least 15 to 30 cm beyond the window on each side. This allows for proper stacking and full light control.

What are my length options?

As a starting point, you want to keep in mind the following options:

  • Sill length (reaching the window sill)
  • Below sill (a few inches below the sill)
  • Floor length (grazing the floor)
  • Puddle length (pooling slightly on the floor for a dramatic effect)

Are made to measure curtains expensive?

Made to measure curtains can seem like a bigger initial investment compared to ready-made options. But remember—they use higher quality materials and better craftsmanship. This leads to greater durability, which means you can potentially save money in the long run. (Plus, the improved fit and functionality can mean lower bills).

What are curtain heading styles?

Curtain heading means the way the fabric is attached to the track/pole. Among others, some famous options are—

  • Eyelet headings: Create even pleats for a classic look
  • Pencil pleats: Offer a tailored and streamlined appearance
  • Wave headings: Provide a contemporary feel with S-shaped folds



Final Words

Time to say goodbye to curtains that are too short, bunch up at the bottom—or leave awkward gaps on either side. Let’s get your bespoke curtains up and hanging for an interior that truly represents YOU 🤍 Get in touch with us today—and we can discuss the possibilities.

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