All About the Chateau Range: Fairytale Fabrics by Angel Strawbridge

All About the Chateau Range: Fairytale Fabrics by Angel Strawbridge


Have you ever thought about home decor that whispers the stories of a bygone era? Perhaps mimicking the charm of a fairytale… making your interior stand out even among the best out there? 

We know just what you need—the Chateau Range by Angel Strawbridge. With this unique fabric collection, you’ll be walking into the realm of Chateau de la Motte Husson, Angel’s French home. Or should we say, you’ll be bringing it right into your own home! 

We’d like to reiterate that this stunning range of fabrics isn’t just about exquisite materials and timeless design; it’s woven with love and family history. Basically magic that unfolds within the walls

Keep reading to learn all about our Chateau Range—and don’t forget to surf through the collection on our website 😉


Looking into Chateau de la Motte Husson…

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When moving towards the rolling hills of the French countryside, you’ll find Chateau de la Motte Husson: a residence steeped in history. Its foundations hold the echoes of a 12th-century fortified stronghold—later transformed into a charming chateau by the Husson family in the 15th century. The current iteration, however, owes its unique character to the arrival of Angel Strawbridge (and her family) in 2007.

But, who is Angel?

Strawbridge is a renowned designer with a passion for antiques and whimsical touches. And her unique taste is what breathed a new life into the Chateau. The restoration project was documented in the TV show, “Escape to the Chateau”, where you can see her love for blending the past with the present.

Think grand fireplaces crackling with warmth, juxtaposed against ornately framed contemporary artwork. One of our favourite mixes! Antique furniture—meticulously restored—sits alongside quirky, one-of-a-kind finds. The overall aesthetic is woven with history, eccentricity, and a (generous) dose of Angel’s signature charm.


The Stories Woven in the Fabric

The Chateau range is inspired by Angel Strawbridge. But, wait! There’s more to our fabric collection than just aesthetics. In fact, we’d like to say each fabric gives you insights into a unique story—keep reading to see what we mean.

Nouveau Heron Cream

Nouveau Heron Cream

Imagine waking up to the calls of herons—their silhouettes dancing across a morning mist that settles over the chateau’s moat. 

That serenity is exactly what you can capture with our Nouveau Heron Cream fabric. This design features a calming palette of off-whites and greys. The cherry on the cake? The fabric’s soft texture is reminiscent of a gentle breeze. One that is perfect for you to relax against 😉


The Wild Flower Garden Nightshadow

The Wild Flower Garden Nightshadow

The Chateau Range isn’t just about the daylight; the Wild Flower Garden Nightshadow fabric captures Chateau’s gardens after dusk has fallen! 

Imagine strolling through the wild meadow in cool moonlight, fireflies dancing among blooms. This scene unfolds on a dark purple/navy backdrop. Simultaneously, delicate white and lavender blossoms seem to glow (this reflects Angel’s signature style of untamed beauty). Remember, the Chateau Range is about stories woven into fabric! 

“Nightshadow” isn’t just a beautiful design; it’s a reminder of the love story between Angel and Dick, and their passion for creating a haven for their children. 


Honeycomb Cream Fabric

Honeycomb Cream Fabric

The “Honeycomb Cream” fabric is that classic mix of geometry and nature-inspired charm. You can think of the design to take its foundation from a honeycomb pattern. This is then infused with elements of the Chateau’s Walled Garden.

The design also incorporates delicate florals as well as bee motifs, creating the perfect garden scene. Its soft yet structured pattern is a great way to add both traditional and contemporary to your home interior.

In terms of design styles, nature and Art Deco come together to show Angel’s respect for the environment—and her wish to create a space where both humans and nature can flourish. We also love how this fabric reminds us of the role bees play in Chateau’s (and, well, our) ecosystem: pollinating wildflower meadows.


Toile du Chateau Fabric Rouge

Toile du Chateau Fabric Rouge

This one takes you right into the heart of Chateau de la Motte Husson! This design reimagines the classic French ‘toile’ aesthetic (which traditionally features pastoral scenes).

Here, the focus shifts to life that unfolds within the Chateau’s walls. The fabric retains the classic colour palette. But, simultaneously, it replaces traditional imagery with subtle elements from the Strawbridge family’s life. From children playing in the sprawling grounds to Angel’s love for flowers and trees—each scene is one of its kind! As such, you can easily call this fabric a a window into the soul of the Chateau: a testament to the love, laughter, and everyday moments that make this (historic) residence a true home.

Note that we also offer it in blue colour.


Le Cirque du Chateau

Le Cirque du Chateau

Looking to immerse your child (or perhaps yourself!) in a world of enchantment? Le Cirque du Chateau is the way to go. This whimsical fabric isn’t just a design; it’s a portal into a mystical land. One brimming with fun and wonder.

But, how exactly does this design capture Angel Strawbridge’s taste? Well, it showcases her lifelong love of carnivals and fairground memorabilia. Especially with those circus characters!

Think majestic lions and playful clowns, daring acrobats and whimsical hot air balloons—every bit of that piece ignites the imagination. We also love how this fabric is a celebration of family; Angel’s children, Arthur and Dorothy, find themselves transformed into circus characters, within that very scene. You can tell Strawbridge’s family had a thing for the whimsical 😉


How to Add the Chateau Fabric Range to Your Home

More than ‘adding it to your space’, we’d call it weaving the magic of Chateau de la Motte Husson into your home. But how do you go about doing it? Here are some of our favourite ideas.

Create a romantic escape. The serenity of Noeuveau Heron Cream can make that bedroom a romantic space—especially when you add it with flowing, floor-to-ceiling curtains.

Add some secret touch to your living room. Accentuate a vintage chaise lounge with throw pillows featuring the delicate florals of the Wild Flower Garden.

Decorate your kids’ room. If your little ones have been asking for a room makeover, don’t forget to add Le Cirque du Chateau. Think upholstering an armchair with this fabric.

Create a statement. Turn heads with an eclectic statement. And one of our favourite ways to do so is by using custom-made lampshades, upholstered in Toile du Chteau fabric. Bonus points if they’re placed against wallpaper of similar print 😉

Nouveau Wallpaper Fabric

…And, so on! There are so many ways to utilize the Chateau range in your home; it’s really all about letting those creative juices flow. At Pure Fabrics, we have 17 different fabric options in thise range (check them out here) as well as accessories and custom-made curtains. With all the options, you are sure to add a unique touch to your space. One that can spark new conversations within seconds 🤍

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